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Advice to pilgrims

Advice to pilgrims

Pilgrimage is a fundamental part of our Christian heritage.  Croagh Patrick is one of the most well known pilgrimage sites in the country and is used by thousands of pilgrims every year. 

Please note that the Croagh Patrick path is on private working farmland and everybody that climbs the mountain does so thanks to the generosity of local landowners on the understanding that climbers and pilgrims do so totally at their own risks. There are no dogs allowed on the mountain under any condition. All pilgrims are asked to respect this and accede to any instructions given by the landowners should you encounter them on the mountain.

Before you climb the mountain you should be familiar with Mountaineering Irelands Good Practice Guide. Please take time also to familiarise yourself with other advice offered by Mountaineering Ireland:

The climb is a difficult one and before setting out pilgrims should consult the weather service as well as

The advice of Mountain Rescue, the weather service and locals should always be considered before climbing.  The climb itself takes at least three hours round trip and goes through some dangerous terrain underfoot, be prepared and aware of this and always know that you climb totally at your own risk.  Always take all precautions necessary, including proper footwear, clothing, a stick, food and water. 

Be aware that the climate on the summit is very different to that on the ground, so be prepared!!

 Pilgrims are welcome to use the official prayer card as they climb.  These cards are available locally in the Murrisk Community Café which is located in the Croagh Patrick Car Park and in Teach na Míosa which is on the route up.

 The traditional stations of the Reek are posted on the signage in the Car Park as well as at the foot of the steps before the ascent.  The three stations are marked clearly on the Ordnance Survey Map produced by the Croagh Patrick Stakeholders which is also available locally.

 Please note that the third station Reilg Mhuire is located some distance down the west side of the mountain, and is not easily accessible unless one knows where they are going.  It isn’t completed very often therefore.


Pilgrims are most welcome to visit the Oratory, check out "the Oratory section" of this website for details.

 Croagh Patrick Brochure 

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