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Preparation Timeline


 Getting Married—Timeline

This timeline will give you a summary of what you need to do, and when.


First Steps                     

Book Church

Book Hotel                 

Contact registrar ( Minimum notice—3 months!!)

Contact Priest who will officiate at ceremony.

(Some people Book up to 3 years in advance)  


1—2 years before - Book and complete Pre—Marriage Course

(This can be completed up to the date of Marriage, but you are encouraged to fulfil this obligation as early as possible)

Arrange Church Musicians, flowers etc.


3 - 6 months before - Meet with priest to discuss ceremony & complete Marriage papers.

(It is recommended to have Pre– Marriage Course completed at this stage.)


Weeks before - Arrange rehearsal with the priest and the church

24-48 hrs before - Rehearsal

The rehearsal affords an opportunity to get into the mood in a relaxed way.

(In order to satisfy Civil Requirements a final declaration of freedom to marry needs to be made by the couple in the presence of their two witnesses within 48 hours of the ceremony taking place. For convenience sake the rehearsal is suggested as an opportune time.)






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