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Clew Bay,

Clew Bay, Co Mayo is a natural bay enriched with some beautiful islands, Clare Island the largest of all the islands guards the entrance to the bay, alongside to the South is Inishturk Island and Caher Island. Achill Island would be the biggest island in the bay but is not recognised so because of it being linked to the main land by a bridge.

According to tradition, there is an island in the bay for every day of the year, but in fact this is only a myth, because there are not that many.

It’s possible that it’s the large number of drumlins at the east side of the bay that gave rise to this myth, Clew Bay contains Ireland's best example of sunken drumlins. The bay is overlooked by Irelands most holy mountain “Croagh Patrick” to the south, which is the highest and the mountain ranges of North Mayo overlooks it from the North of the county.

The names of some of the islands can be found here…

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