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The Order of St. John was founded before the taking of Jerusalem in 1099 by the armies of the First Crusade. It began as a monastic community, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, which administered a hospice-infirmary for pilgrims to the Holy Land. Originally connected with the Benedictines, it became, under Saint Gerard an independent organisation.

Today the Order of Malta is a nationally based organisation organised in unit areas, and structured into nine regions.  It has a fleet of over 135 vehicles and ambulances and provides first aid, ambulance and emergency care services in most of the principal cities and towns throughout Ireland.



Services provided include

Since its formation in 1943, the Order of Malta Westport Unit has been providing first aid assistance and ambulance cover, at large Local Events in the Westport Area, e.g.: Sports, Motor Sport, Equestrian, , Community Care & events, and is on call to assist in home support eg. patient movement and as backup to accidents.

For the biggest local event of the year, The Order of Malta Westport Unit has been providing first aid assistance to pilgrims on Croagh Patrick, which is on the last Sunday in July, known locally as Reek Sunday, it has now become a national duty with many Order of Malta units, from all of Ireland, providing personnel to the Westport Unit which has accepted the lead role in first aid on the mountain with Mayo Mountain Rescue Team.

In addition, the Westport Unit provides medical and ambulance services for pilgrimages to Croagh Patrick throughout the pilgrimage season.



Our approach to first aid training incorporates both practical and interactive learning, giving participants the confidence and ability to put the theory into practice and to cope with real-life situations that may arise in the future.



Foundation First Aid

This introductory course will teach you how to handle emergency situations and also covers vital life-saving and resuscitation techniques.  When an accident happens, your first reactions are vital: the more you know about First Aid, the more effective you will be.

The Westport Order of Malta Training Services provides a variety of courses which includes Occupational First Aid, Basic First Aid, Cardiac First Responder (CFR) AED and Manual Handling.

Maintaining Skills

We are committed to supporting lifelong learning by encouraging participants to regularly refresh their first aid training and to develop more advanced skills. Training doesn’t need to stop after just one course. We run courses to develop and maintain skills as well as recertification courses to ensure that staff members retain their HSA recognised certificates. Order of Malta Training Services is recognised as a major provider of first aid training in Ireland, and has been providing this service since its foundation in Westport

Automated External Defibrillator

Westport Order of Malta is an approved trainer for A.E.D.s



Westport Order of Malta competes in the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps National Competition every year. We have had all Ireland winners in various age groups over many years. Westport competes to learn and to meet the many units all over Ireland in a social environment. Westport tends to meet the other units at the Reek in a work situation.

The Order of Malta always welcomes new members at its meetings. It meets every Thursday night at 8.30pm at the Order of Malta Hall in the Crescent.




Thursdays: 8.30pm

Order of Malta premises

St. John’s Place


Co Mayo

Cadet Unit contact Officer in Charge for Details:


Contact Details:

Westport Order of Malta


Deerpark East


Co Mayo

Officer in charge: Eamonn Berry

Telephone: 087 2496656

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Useful website:  orderofmalta/westport/facebook/facebook

Useful website:


Eamonn Berry

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