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Coill Mór N.S. Drummin

Coill Mór N.S. Drummin

Welcome to Coill Mór N.S. Drummin, we’re delighted that you are taking the time to learn a little bit about us. Our school is situated about fifteen kilometres South of Westport town, nestled at the foot of the beautiful Sheffrey Mountains.


The school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Tuam offers the prescribed Department of Education curriculum, with energy fun and the highest academic standards. The children learn the academic subjects alongside, music, sean nos dancing, cookery, swimming, crafts and sports. The children receive a holistic well rounded catholic education, ready  to take their places in our society. The junior classes are under the expert but gentle care of Múinteoir Sheena (Ketterick) and the senior room is taught by Muinteoir Tereasa (Mc Guire). As a catholic school we share with parents the responsibilities of enabling children grow in their religious faith. We value the involvement of parents, religious pupils and teachers in the development of this religious education.


History of Coill Mór National School

Coill Mór National School was established around 1849. In the early 1850s, the population of Drummin was small after the famine years. Life was difficult and people were very poor, education was not as good as it is today. Since its foundation the school has had many structural changes since. In recent years our school has undergone quite a number of renovations, we have added new class and staff rooms and have updated the entire school, the play grounds has been landscaped and maintained to the highest standard by the teachers, pupils and caretaker, our school remains at the heart of the community.


Green flag

Our school takes part in the “green school programme” which is organised by “An Taisce”. The purpose of this programme is to promote environmental awareness among children attending primary schools.

In 2003 we were awarded our first “green flag” for our work on reducing litter and promoting recycling in the school. Our second “green flag” was awarded in 2005 following our efforts to reduce electricity consumption in the school. We were awarded our third flag in 2008 for reducing our water usage.  We are currently working on our fourth “green flag” for transport.

Children are encouraged to recycle whenever possible and compost bins are in use on a daily bases.



Coill Mór National School Mission Statement

We at Drummin National School aim to provide pupils with a happy and safe environment in which they will learn.

We encourage responsible and caring attitudes towards the poor and deprived locally, nationally and internationally.

We recognize that each child is unique, with special needs and our clearly stated aims foster the personal development of every child in our care.


Coill Mór N. S. Principal Tereasa McGuire


Contact Details:

Coill Mór National School



Co Mayo

Principal: Tereasa McGuire

Telephone: 098 21446

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8.50am – 2.40pm

All lunch breaks are supervised by teachers.

Class instruction begins: 9.00am

Infant classes finish: 1.40pm

Wheelchair-accessible: Yes


Tereasa McGuire

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