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Holy Trinity N.S. Westport

Holy Trinity National School, Westport

Westport No 2, National School is known locally as “Holy Trinity National School” This is the oldest schools in the Westport area.


The school is located across the road from the Church of Ireland’s Holy Trinity Church, on the Newport Road. The school is based in what is known locally as "The Lecture Hall". It was first established in 1813 and has been serving the Church of Ireland community in and around Westport since then. The building was constructed over 200 years ago and was first used as a fever hospital and church. It was amalgamated with Knappagh National School in 1963 and with Christchurch National School in Castlebar in January 1969. Transport is provided by the Department of Education and Science for the Church of Ireland children from the Newport and Castlebar areas to the school.



Mission Statement of Holy Trinity N.S.

Education in Holy Trinity School is characterised by care for the individual, answering the child's many needs within the framework of a well structured environment. We aim to enrich each child, prepare him/her for life and give a solid foundation for their development as a Christian and citizen of the world.


The objectives of the school are

  • To give the children the basic training they need so that they will grow up to become integrated and self-reliant people.
  • To create a climate of trust and love where each child is valued as an individual, is helped to develop a sense of his/her own worth, of the contribution they can make to society.
  • To foster loyalty and mutual respect.
  • To help form rounded personalities and enable our pupils to become good Christians and citizens.
  • To encourage parents to support the educational efforts of the school.

We acknowledge that the parents are the primary educators of their children. The educational environment will be such that the child is encouraged and stimulated to be confident, appreciative, independent and creative, to be an active learner at his/her own rate.



Holy Trinity N.S. Principal is Orla Brickenden


Contact Details:

Holy Trinity N.S.

Newport Road


Co. Mayo

Principal: Orla  Brickenden

Telephone: 098 27216

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9.00am – 2.45pm

Wheelchair-accessible: Yes


Orla  Brickenden

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