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Rice College, Westport


Coláiste - Rís Rice - College

Edmond Rice (1762 – 1844)

Christian Brothers have had a long tradition of education in Westport. They set up their first school in Castlebar Street in 1865. From there they moved to the Newport Road in 1962 where the old national school still stands. The former monastery now closed since 2002 is adjacent to the National School.


The growth in demand for education led to the building of a new secondary school on the Castlebar Road in 1987. This school is called Rice College. The campus includes: school, playground, football pitches, tennis courts and gymnasium. The collaboration of the whole community comprising students, parents, teachers and Christian Brothers brought this about. Rice College can now cater for the needs of all students in the area.



Mission Statement of Rice College

Rice College is a voluntary Catholic secondary school for boys under the trusteeship of the Edmond Rice Schools Trust (ERST). The college endeavours at all times to develop, to the greatest possible extent, the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual potential of all of its members.




Rice College endeavours to follow and enact the education and religious ethos of the Christian Brothers community of schools as it is defined in schedule 2 of the religious and educational philosophy of the Christian Brothers Congregation. The values which underpin this ethos and all of the college policies are based on Christian respect for every individual person. Spiritual formation is catered for by a religious education, with a specific Catholic emphasis. The celebration of the sacraments and liturgies is a regular feature of school life. Students of other faiths and traditions, or none, attend Rice College and their beliefs are respected. A chaplaincy along with counselling and career guidance service are also available.


Admission Policy

Rice College welcomes all those who apply for places in the college. The board of management support the principles of: inclusiveness, particularly in relation to the enrolment of pupils with special needs and disadvantage, subject to adequate resources being made available to the school by the Department of Education and Science.

Equality of access to and participation in the school.

Parental choice in relation to the enrolments.

Respect for diversity of traditions, values, beliefs, languages and ways of life in society.


Academic Policy

Rice College is a place of learning and growth. These can only take place if the student is willing to learn, and work at his studies. Rice College expects each student to do his best while at school. The curriculum offered by the college is governed by regulations as stipulated by the Department of Education and Science, which may be ammended in accordance with sections 9 and 30 of the education act 1998.  As well as offering the traditional Leaving Certificate, the Leaving Certificate Applied, the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and Junior Certificate examination programmes, Rice College also provides Transition Year and learning support for students with special education needs.



Extra curricular activities

The School offers a wide range of extra curricular activities. These activities include School tours, school/class retreats, field trips, debates, quizzes, musicals, outings to theatres, cinemas, third level college open days, and competitions involving Sports, Art, Science and CAD



Sport and Physical Education

Rice College prides itself on the wide range of sporting opportunities and facilities offered to its students.



Green Flag

Rice College has now received its third flag for its participation in the Green School Programme.



Student progression

The vast majority of our students progress on to third level education. Many achieve places in the best universities and third level institutions in Ireland and abroad.




Contact Details:

Rice College

Castlebar Rd


Co Mayo

Principal: Michael Rabitte

Deputy Principal: Ms. McManus

Telephone: 098 25698

Fax: 098 26154

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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