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St. Colmcille's N.S. The Quay

St. Colmcille’s National School

Welcome to St Colmcille’s National School. Whatever your interest in our school we’re delighted that you are taking the time to learn a little bit about us.

St Colmcille’s N.S was founded at Westport Quay in 1886, and served the local community for over one hundred years.

In the early 1970s the school was threatened with closure due to falling pupil enrolment. The local community rallied to its support and ensured its survival.


An increase in housing development at Westport Quay in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s led to the rapid growth in the number of children attending the school. In 1970 there were 32 pupils on the roll, in September 2008 St Colmcille’s had grown to have 240 pupils enrolled. such was the pace of growth that a new school was opened in 1991.

Our school building has just undergone a major extension and refurbishment. We now have nine classrooms, various offices, staff room, school hall, library and meeting room. Outside we have a large recreational area with our own pitches lined on tarmac. We also have a large football pitch at the rear of the school.

As part of this refurbishment we are making efforts to improve our school grounds and create a uniquely child friendly environment. Additional children’s games are lined in the schoolyard, “buddy benches” are in place and new flowerbeds are planted.

St Colmcille’s is a co-educational school with a staff of nine class teachers, three special education teachers and an administrative principal.


School Philosophy

The philosophy of St Colmcille’s national school is to assist each pupil to use his/her schooling experience to accomplish his/her full potential within the social, religious, creative and athletic spheres of his/her development.

The school recognizes the primary role of parents as educators and sees its mission as both complementary and supplementary to that of parents.

We endeavour, through a board flexible curriculum to meet the needs of all children in our school.

We seek to promote a strong sense of community within the school.

As a catholic school we share with parents the responsibilities of enabling children grow in their religious faith. We value the involvement of parents, religious pupils and teachers in the development of this religious education.

We aim to assist every pupil so that he/she will have the necessary skills, value and attitudes to live a useful life in a changing society.


Green flag

Our school takes part in the “green school programme” which is organised by “An Taisce”. The purpose of this programme is to promote environmental awareness among children attending primary schools.

In 2005 we were awarded our first “green flag” for our work on reducing litter and promoting recycling in the school. Our second “green flag” was awarded in 2007 following our efforts to reduce electricity consumption in the school. We are currently working on securing our third flag by reducing our water usage.

Children are encouraged to recycle whenever possible and compost bins are in use on a daily bases.

Over the last number of years children have planted flowerbeds and a large selection of trees have also been planted on the school grounds.


Parents are requested to support this work whenever possible. Please insure that your child brings a lunch-box to school each day with a plastic bottle which can be re-used and never use tinfoil.

we hope to make more improvements to our school grounds which will lead to a significant change to our school environment. Theses include:

  • Planting additional trees on the school-grounds
  • Planting flowerbeds directly outside the school gates and along the school boundary fences
  • Growing our own vegetables
  • Lining the schoolyard with children’s games

We would like to continue this work over the coming years and your support for this project would be greatly appreciated


Use of school facilities

The board of management welcomes applications from any clubs/groups wishing to use the school facilities. We would be delighted to assist any clubs wishing to use our pitch or hall.

Please feel free to call to the school to discuss this with the school principle. We will be happy to assist once we are satisfied that correct supervision and insurance are in place.


St Colmcills N.S. Principal is Mr John Meaney


Contact Details:

Saint Colmcille’s National School

The Quay



Principal: Mr John Meaney

Telephone: 098 26062

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8.45am – 2.40pm

Children are supervised: from 8.45a.m each morning until the commencement of class.

All lunch breaks are supervised by teachers.

Class instruction begins: 9.00am

Infant classes finish: 1.40pm

Wheelchair-accessible: Yes


John Meaney

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