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Westport Youth Activities Club

Westport Youth Activities Club ( WYAC )

Westport Youth Activities Club is a youth club that caters mainly for the children attending Primary School in Westport and the surrounding area. It is a voluntary organisation which provides activities for children outside the formal disciplines of school and the demands of competitive sport. The clubs main aim is to involve as many children attending primary school throughout the Westport Area in our activities, and by doing so, the children make friends which last with them throughout their schooling days in Westport.


Two local Primary School teams participate in the organised "Indoor Winter Soccer for Primary Schools"

Our activities are designed to be inclusive, to be enjoyable for the children, to build a sense of belonging and to strenghten the clubs bond within the Westport Community. The club was founded in 1982 by a group of parents and dedicated community activists, who, along with Councillor Martin Keane, expressed the growing desire to have a Youth Organisation for the Children of Westport. It took exceptional vision and determination to create and develop a youth club for the national school children. Today, it is effectively, a Primary School Youth Club. At the start of 2010 we currently have 614 children actively participating in our activities. This is primarily due to the club being easily accessible, it's wonderful dedicated volunteer's, a hard working executive committee and of course, the many talented Westport youngsters who participate in the club and make it the success it is today.

We have many activities available for the children. But our main activity is the clubs successfully organised "Indoor Winter Soccer for Primary Schools" which takes place every Saturday at Rice College Gymnasium from the 1st October until the 31st March.


We have 3 different categories when it comes to the Indoor Soccer:

09:00am - 12:30pm > 5yrs-8yrs  ( fun soccer )

12:30pm - 04:00pm > Under 10 Primary School League

04:00pm- 09:00pm > Under 12 Primary School League


The success of these leagues is due to the amount of Primary Schools that take part in our activities. Here is a list of the current schools that participate;

SN Scoil Phadraig, SN Gaelscoil na Cruaiche, Holy Trinity NS, Quay NS, Cogaula NS, Fahy NS, Myna NS, Carroholly NS, Knockrooskey NS, Lankill NS, Carrakennedy NS, Drummin NS, Brackloon NS, Murrisk NS, Lecanvey NS, Louisburgh NS, Killeen NS, Leenane NS.

Every September, the clubs co-ordinator tours all the schools and informs the children of our activities for the school year ahead. By doing this, we are getting our profile into the schools and raising the awareness of the club to the children and their parents.


"Spot the Ball"  The goalie comes  under intense pressure in every game, where every goal counts.

The club is not just about Indoor Soccer! We organise other fun filled activities during the year. We bring the Under 8 category to the Cineplex in Westport and we bring Santa to see them every December. We organise tours and National Schools Quiz's for the Under 10 & Under 12 categories, as well as having a big "Presentation Banquet" for the Under 10s & Under 12's when the Primary School Indoor Winter League finishes.

During the course of the year, we run a programme whereby Transition Year Students can do a few hours voluntary work within the club. This is done in conjuction with their "Gaisce Awards". This programme gives the students a sense of voluntary work for the betterment of the community and also equips them with some self esteem and confidence that they can contribute positively to society.


The club also has a website, detailed with our activities, photo's of our events and an area where the kids can blog us with their comments about the club etc. You can get us at:


The club does a small amount of fundraising to ensure that the organisation can organise as much activities for the children as possible. These range from our Church - Gate Collection to our grant applications for funding. Every cent that’s raised and collected is always spent on the children.

We have an excellent committee involved in the Youth Activities Club. The Club's first Chairperson was Cllr. Martin Keane, and he held that position from 1982-2005. Cllr. Keane was then replaced by a young man, Liam Keaveney, who as Chairperson has overseen the huge expansion in the clubs fortunes along with his hardworking & energetic committee. As the club approaches it's 30th year in existence, we look to the future with confidence and we aim to continually develop the personalities of our primary school youth, through Sport, Cultural, Recreational and Educational Activities for all the young people of Westport and the surrounding area's! These Young People are the Future of Westport!


For contact information check website: Westport Youth Activities Club ( WYAC )


Westport Youth Activities Committee;

President: Martin Keane.

Chairperson: Liam Keaveney.

Assistant Chairperson: John Murphy.

Secretary: Geraldine McCarthy.

Joint Treasurer's: David Keating,  Liam Keaveney.

Joint P.R.O's: Shane Collins, Colin McDonagh.

Youth Officer: Pat Dunne.

Child Protection Officer's: Elaine Kelly, Ger Brett and Jim Horan.

Website: Kieran Harrington.

Volunteer's: Tadhg McNally, Kieran Harrington, Aaron Harper, Liam Bowler, Stephen Hendry, Kathy Scahill, Joephine Richardson.            


Liam Keaveney

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